Famous Football Players

  • Aikman, Troy

    Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, 1989-2000
  • Brady, Tom

    The NFL quarterback who played to age 45 and won seven Super Bowls
  • Bush, Reggie

    The USC football star who gave back his Heisman Trophy
  • Favre, Brett

    The star 1990s quarterback who keeps un-retiring
  • Manning, Eli

    The New York Giants quarterback who won Super Bowls in 2008 and 2012
  • Montana, Joe

    The quarterback who won four Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers
  • Namath, Joe

    The flashy NFL quarterback known as "Broadway Joe"
  • Papale, Vince

    The aging NFL rookie who inspired the movie Invincible
  • Rice, Jerry

    Wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, 1985-2000
  • Rice, Ray

    The NFL running back who was suspended in 2014 after hitting his wife
  • Romo, Tony

    Bench-to-stardom Dallas Cowboys quarterback, 2003-present
  • Sam, Michael

    The college football star who announced in 2014 that he was gay
  • Sapp, Warren

    300-pound defensive lineman for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Tebow, Tim

    The devoutly Christian quarterback for the Denver Broncos
  • Thorpe, Jim

    Star athlete in track and field, football and baseball
  • Tillman, Pat

    The NFL-playing soldier killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan
  • Vick, Michael

    The NFL quarterback who was jailed for dogfighting
  • Wilson, Russell

    The Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the NFL's Seattle Seahawks

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