Famous Runners

  • Bolt, Usain

    The Jamaican sprinter who won 100- and 200-meter gold medals at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympics
  • Fox, Terry

    The cancer victim who ran over 3000 miles across Canada
  • Jones, Lolo

    The Olympic hurdler who turned into an Olympic bobsledder
  • Owens, Jesse

    The black sprinter who won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics
  • Rudolph, Wilma

    The first American woman to win three gold medals in one Olympics
  • Ruiz, Rosie

    The woman who cheated to "win" the 1980 Boston Marathon
  • Semenya, Caster

    The woman South African runner who was accused of being a man
  • Walsh, Stella

    The female Olympic sprinter who turned out to be a man

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