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John Glenn Outlived Phyllis Diller and Nelson Mandela

John Glenn and his Friendship 7 space capsule

Space hero John Glenn had died at age 95, after a long life that included stints as a fighter pilot in World War II and Korea, 24 years as a U.S. senator, and (of course) becoming the first American to orbit the Earth. Not to mention having baseball great Ted Williams as his wingman.

You’ve got to live a long time to do all that, and John Glenn did: 95 years and 143 days, to be exact, from July 18 of 1921 until December 8 of 2016. He outlived some other significant died-at-95-year-olds, including comedian Phyllis Diller (95 years, 34 days) and Nelson Mandela (95 years, 140 days). He fell just short of actor Ernest Borgnine, who died in 2012 at 95 years, 166 days.

And John Glenn way outlived many other famous people born in 1921: Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry (by 25 years — he died in 1991), fellow U.S. senator Jesse Helms (who died in 2008) and First Lady Nancy Reagan (who just died in June).

But there’s one tough 1921 baby he couldn’t outlast…

Nikki Nelson / WENN

Nikki Nelson / WENN

Yes, actress Carol Channing, still going strong at age 95. Good for her.

Thanks for everything, John Glenn, and happy flying wherever the next journey takes you.


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