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Katy Perry Engaged to Russell Brand

Singer Katy Perry is engaged to British comedian Russell Brand.

[Editor’s note: Yup, they married later in 2010.]

We missed the burbling story last week, but now her reps have confirmed it.

The pair got engaged five days ago, while on vacation in Jaipur, India. A source told the site that the trip to India “was his Christmas gift. She told him how much she loved Indian culture while they were eating curry in England, so he surprised her.” The source noted that Perry has “never connected with anybody like this,” adding that Brand “is super into her.”

“Super into her” is one level above “crazy about her” on the celebrity attraction scale, or CAS. No details yet on wedding plans, dates, etc.

Brand is a shaggy stand-up comedian and TV presenter, whose latest DVD is titled Scandalous. He’s better known in the UK than in America, though he was in the comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall — he played Aldous Snow, Sarah’s new rock-star boyfriend.

The Daily Mail calls Brand a “reformed lothario.” The Times, in a lively interview with Brand, says he will play the Dudley Moore role in a remake of Arthur. (Perry would be great for the Liza Minnelli role in that movie, right?)

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