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Keanu Not Sad Over Sad Keanu

During an interview with New York magazine, actor and struggling musician Keanu Reeves was told about the “Sad Keanu” meme on the internet.

Keanu said he was vaguely aware of something like that, but he still needed details to really get it. For details of what the “Sad Keanu” thing is, go to this entry in Know Your Meme.

In short, Splash News photographer Ron Asadorian snapped a photo of Keanu sitting on a park bench eating a sandwich. In one of the frames, Reeves has a funny look on his face that was somehow interpreted as sad. Now you can find “Sad Keanu” photos all over the place.

For example, at the Sad Keanu Facebook page.

For his part, Keanu Reeves doesn’t have a problem with it. “Could be worse,” seems to be his opinion.

Prior to the New York magazine interview, ABC News commented on the meme, in a way that makes you wonder if they really get it.

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