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“Know What Mr. Peanut’s First Name Is?”

From a 2008 interview of Mad Men star Jon Hamm, conducted by fellow actor Paul Rudd:

PR: Who’s your favorite cartoon potato-chip mascot?

JH: The guy on the Pringles can. He looks like an old-time
shopkeeper, but he’s made of potato chips. If he got in a fight with Mr. Peanut and Mr. Salty, who do you think would come out on top?

PR: Can Mr. Peanut use his cane as a weapon?

JH: Absolutely.

PR: I’m going with Mr. Peanut.

JH: Know what Mr. Peanut’s first name is?

PR: What?

JH: Derick.

PR: Is it really? Mr. Derick Peanut.

The whole article is a marvel of silly humor. If the boys were really ad-libbing it, they’re very good.  (Turns out that Rudd and Hamm knew each other as kids.)

However, there seems to be no truth to the suggestion that Mr. Peanut is actually named Derick.

Fans of Jon Hamm will also enjoy this 2008 interview from The Guardian, in which he orders eggs, sour cream, and spicy sausage and totally charms the reporter.

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