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Lance Armstrong Doped, Says Floyd Landis

floyd1.jpgBicycle champion Lance Armstrong “participated in doping” while winning some of his seven Tour de France victories, according to former teammate Floyd Landis.

The Wall Street Journal says that it has seen emails Landis sent to racing officials a few weeks ago, admitting that he himself had used testosterone, blood transfusions, and the synthetic blood booster EPO, and accusing Armstrong and other teammates of doing the same.

He alleged Mr. Armstrong helped him understand the way the drugs worked. “He and I had lengthy discussions about it on our
training rides during which time he also explained to me the evolution
of EPO testing and how transfusions were now necessary due to the
inconvenience of the new test,” Mr. Landis claimed in the email.

Floyd Landis won the Tour de France in 2006 but then was stripped of the title after testing positive for testosterone.  Landis has denied that charge steadfastly, even writing a book in 2007 titled Positively False.  But now he’s ‘fessing up, if the Journal is correct.

Lance Armstong didn’t comment for the article, but has repeatedly denied using any kind of performance-enhancing substances.

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