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Larry King: A “Sex Machine on Kerosene”

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“I mean, he’s a sex machine. Why don’t we just admit it?  It’s running on kerosene, but still.”

Joy Behar’s unlikely take on eight-times-married Larry King.

Meanwhile, ABC News struggles to understand King’s alleged lady-killing appeal:

“All little girls want to marry a prince riding a white horse… Larry is even more than [a regular celebrity] because he is a celebrity that knows everybody and has access to everybody.”


“Larry is a good listener and observer… He lends a sympathetic ear. He doesn’t hammer away at his guests. Instead, he draws their story out and that makes him very hot despite that fact that he is physically not Zac Efron.”

Oh ABC News, don’t overanalyze the magic. Some men just have a chimp-like sex appeal that can’t be denied.

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