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Letters to the Dallas Morning News, 1963

NY Magazine has collected a few on the 48th anniversary of John Kennedy‘s death.

“The Kennedy regime tends to lead toward socialism… Any person who supports John Kennedy in 1964 not only is illiterate of the means of democracy but is supporting a truly socialistic regime.”

Sound familiar?

“What does a dictator do to gain control of a nation? First, he must control the army. Next, national police control. We have President John F. Kennedy as commander in chief. Bob Kennedy is head of the national police force.

President Kennedy is always seeking more power. If he gets enough power, free enterprise is finished. States’ rights have vanished. We now have taxation without representation.”

Still more:

“I am a sophomore in college, 18, not old enough to vote. However, I am old enough to realize that a future which I count precious is being endangered on all sides by the giant steps the administration is taking to relieve me of my rights and my property.”

Frank Rich sees parallels between today’s political atmosphere and that of 1960s Dallas — the city where even Texans Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson were actually spat on.

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