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Lindsay Lohan Goes to Jail

Former actress Lindsay Lohan is actually going to jail. So they say.

This comes after a seemingly endless parade of stories — well, more headlines than stories, really — about how she *might* be going to jail, or how she didn’t show up to court, or how she failed this or that drug test, or how she was the mastermind behind the attacks of 9/11… it’s been tough to keep up.

The only startling thing about the news is that she was denied bail, ‘cuffed in the courtroom and told, “go to jail, do not pass Go and do not collect $200.” A celebrity going to jail in California? Whoever heard of such a thing?

Let’s take a few minutes to go back… back to young Lindsay, here in a screen test for The Parent Trap (and the most interesting part is toward the end, as she and Dennis Quaid chat awkwardly):

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