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Lindsay Lohan Off to Jail

According to this report from, actress and fungible tabloid celebrity Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating court orders going back to a 2007 arrest for driving while intoxicated.

Photo of Lindsay Lohan at courtroom hearing before going to jailAn update explains that Lohan will probably only spend about 23 days in jail.

That’s not enough time to get massive biceps in the weight room, but it’s enough time to find Jesus, so good luck, Lindsay!

She was so good in The Parent Trap, and after that it all went down hill. It makes you wonder if the producers of that movie actually CLONED her (a cheap alternative to green screen), and that maybe it’s been her CLONE who has been steadily driving her career into the ground (and then some). Where is the original Lindsay Lohan?


Who would send this little girl to jail?

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