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Waiting on LeBron

Basketball fans — especially those in Cleveland — are waiting for word on where free agent LeBron James will end up playing next season.

Sports analysts on TV and radio have been guessing for months because James’s contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers expired this year. Will “King James” stay in Cleveland and finally bring them a championship? Will he go to New York where the lights are brighter? Will he go to New Jersey, where he can see New York’s brighter lights? Will he announce his decision on The View or Oprah?

Will he go on TV and announce when and where he will make the announcement?

Now that James has apparently signed on with a Twitter account, maybe he’ll make his announcement on the internet. But so far he hasn’t been any more forthcoming on his official site — fans are still waiting for content there.

And, yes, we’re still waiting for some kind of content on his alleged Twitter account, KingJames.

Oh, LeBron… hasn’t anyone ever told you that there is such a thing as too much teasing? Those of us who are casual basketball fans are tired of waiting. We’re tired of caring at this point. We’ll wait until the season starts, dude.


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