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McQueen < 80

Last week we mentioned Steve McQueen and his chase scene from Bullitt.

But we didn’t realize that after all these years he’d still be only 78 today. He was a very young 50 when he died in 1980.

Birthday suggestion: Visit the swell Steve McQueen Poster Site run by the redoubtable Roger Harris of Hereford, England. Harris has ’em all, including some flicks you may have forgotten. (Soldier In the Rain, 1963, with Jackie Gleason?)

Harris also hoards lobby photos, including this lovely set from McQueen’s 1958 film The Blob.

Also on the docket: the city of Slater, Missouri — which bills itself as “the boyhood home of Steve McQueen” — is having its second annual Steve McQueen Days this coming weekend.

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