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Meet the New Who2 Bull Calf

“Here is a sharp looking Who 2 bull calf!” says a new posting on SteerPlanet, the Online Community for the Cattle Enthusiast. And I must say, we’re quite flattered by the tribute. 

It seems that the bull’s father is named Who 2, and ol’ dad is in turn “a clone of Who Made Who.”  And who is Who Made Who?  Why, only the Sire of the Most State Fair Steer Show Winners In History, that’s all. 

What with the cloning and the state fairs, it’s a fast-paced world these
bulls live in.  (For the steers, not quite as fast-paced.) Just remember that in either case, it’s all about great neck extension

Who2, Jr. (if we can call him that) was born to a purebred Simmental
dam. I personally have always preferred Charolais or polled Herefords,
but our office wasn’t actually consulted in the matter. As it is, I do like his
fluffy black ears and frank, disarming gaze very much.  

{ Hat tip: Mr. Duffy }

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