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Michael Jackson Buried At Last

At Forest Lawn in Glendale, just over the hills from Hollywood.

He’s in the Holly Terrace, one of 11 halls that make up what Forest Lawn calls the Great Mausoleum. The Daily News:

The graves of Hollywood legends Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard, Red Skeleton and Nat King Cole dot the heavily guarded mausoleum’s dim hallways — as do 24-hour security cameras.

That Red Skeleton — a kidder to the last.

The grave isn’t public, says the LA Times:

Jackson fans who believe they can find Jackson’s above-ground crypt in the expanses of the Great Mausoleum should rethink that, according to Forest Lawn officials.

“The Great Mausoleum itself is primarily restricted to family members,” said William Martin, communications manager for Forest Lawn. “So when you come in, you’re asked who you are coming to visit.” Also, he added, there are many cameras on the premises.

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