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Karen Pence Biography: New!

Our biography of Karen Pence, the wife of vice president-elect Mike Pence, is now live. A few things to know about her: Karen Pence is 58 years old. She was …..

Lists of Lists of Eccentric People

 In a world filled with reality TV shows, is it still possible to be famously eccentric? Read about some people who went down in history as eccentrics.

“It Was a Choice Between That and Bubbles the Chimp”

Legendary producer Quincy Jones on recording with Michael Jackson:Q: …I was just watching a clip on YouTube where you’re sitting on a couch with Michael and he’s petting a snake the whole time.A: Oh, I remember that. Yeah, that was Muscles.Q: Muscles?

Famous People Who Died in 2010

Here’s our big list.  It starts with feminist Mary Daly on January 3rd, and ends (so far) with JFK advisor Ted Sorensen on October 31st.Who was the most famous person to die in 2010? Tthere’s no real standout there. I give the nod either to Catcher in the Rye author J.D. Salinger, or to Hollywood icon Tony Curtis. 

Billion Dollar Jacko

According to this story from MTV News, the estate of pop legend Michael Jackson has generated $1 billion since his death almost a year ago. MTV News got their information …..

Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga

Imagine if Marilyn Manson made a Madonna video, then add the self-indulgence of Michael Jackson so that it’s way too long, and you’ve got Lady Gaga’s newest video, “Alejandro.” Good luck sitting through all nine minutes of it — these days that seems like a lot to put up with, just to see a minute or two of sexy role playing:

Russell Crowe: Jacko Used to Prank Me

According to this story out of New Zealand, tough-guy actor Russell Crowe says in an interview that the late pop singer Michael Jackson used to call him up and pretend to “be in trouble” as a prank.
Crowe says after he rose to stardom in L.A. Confidential, he met and befriended Jackson and found they had a similar sense of humor. So they would occasionally crank call each other.

A photo of Mariah Carey in a low-cut black dress, with diamond necklace and a broad smile

Mariah Carey is 40 Years Old

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:727:]]Pop singer Mariah Carey is 40 years old today.

Where’s Michael?

Turns out he is at Forest Lawn — at least, temporarily:

Forest Lawn: Michael Jackson’s Final Resting Place?

(TV trucks outside Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills on 7 July 2009.)A family funeral for pop star Michael Jackson took place at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills today, and Jackson reportedly (may) be buried there after his funeral today.

MJ in a Crystal Coffin?

It could be the biggest SoCal processional since OJ and Al Cowlings.

It Just Got Weirder

US Weekly now claims that Michael Jackson is not the biological father of his two oldest children.The real father is Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, says the mag.

Michael Jackson Dead at Age 50

The L.A. Times reports that Michael Jackson died after a cardiac arrest today.[Update: Jackson has indeed died. He passed away at 1:07 pm Pacific time, according to the LA County Coroner.]For a look back: