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Millions and Millions Served

Leonard Rhomberg, age 68, has been working at the same McDonald’s near St. Louis for 50 years.

Patrick Hillmeyer and Tom Hillmeyer, the owners… presented him with a cake. They also gave him a Cardinals jersey with his name on it, a card from employees, and several gift cards.

And, one hopes, an honorary PhD from Hamburger U.

Let’s do the math.

Assume that Rhomberg served one customer every two minutes. (A fair pace at McDonald’s, right?) And assume he worked eight-hour shifts, five days a week and 50 weeks per year. That adds up this way:

   1 customer every 2 minutes = 30 customers per hour
   30 customers x 8 hours = 240 customers per day
   240/day x 5 days = 1200 customers per week
   1200/week x 50 weeks = 60,000 customers per year
   60,000/year x 50 years = THREE MILLION customers lifetime

So far.

(Hat tip: Mr. Mike Duffy)

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