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Miranda Kerr Defends Photo-Ogling Banker
Model Miranda Kerr is speaking up for David Kiely, the Australian banker who was looking at her photos — during working hours! — when caught on a national TV feed being broadcast from his office.
Mr. Kiely, who until Tuesday was an anonymous suit, has become a worldwide sensation after footage of him getting caught on TV ogling Kerr’s curves became a YouTube hit.
He was opening emailed pictures of Kerr while behind him a colleague, Martin Lakos, did a live television cross to Channel 7 news.
Sadly, the news video has now been taken down. But you can see a still shot here.
It’s shocking to think that bankers would look at photos of anything but money, but this doesn’t seem like that huge of a transgression.  Still, things may be different in formal, strait-laced Australia.

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