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Mister Rogers Wasn’t a Sniper, But Dr. Ruth Was???

File this under “weird but true.”

Cuddly children’s TV host Mister Rogers was never an Army sniper, despite the rumors over the years. Neither was cuddly, bespectacled singer John Denver.

But now we find out that cuddly, 4’7″ sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer really WAS an Army sniper during Israel’s war for independence in 1948.  So she told National Geographic reporter Tom Foreman a few years ago:

Tom Foreman: You were trained as a sniper?

Dr. Ruth: We were all trained in the forerunner of the Israeli
Defense Force, and for some reason that I can’t explain I’m a very good
sniper. I can put five bullets into this little red circle (makes circle
with her fingers). I know how to throw hand grenades. I’ve never killed
anybody. I was badly wounded.

Tom Foreman: There was a bomb that went off in the barracks.

Dr. Ruth: Yes.

Jeepers, Dr. Ruth throwing hand grenades. What a dame.

Now see a photo of Dr. Ruth Westheimer dressed as Charlie Chaplin >>

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