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MJ in a Crystal Coffin?

It could be the biggest SoCal processional since OJ and Al Cowlings.

A mega-motorcade, replete with bizarre touches like a glass coffin traveling via horse and carriage, may be part of Michael Jackson’s funeral cortege from Los Angeles to his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California, according to media reports.

‘Officials believe the event would be so popular that cars would stretch unbroken for 125 miles between Los Angeles and the Santa Ynez Valley, where Neverland is located,’ said the Los Angeles Times.


Or maybe it won’t happen after all. 125 miles in a horse-drawn carriage in a day seems like a stretch, unless Smarty Jones is pulling.

Jackson won’t be buried at Neverland, in any case. Even the deceased King of Pop can’t overcome regulations engineered by the funeral industry ‘way back when.

“It’s nobody’s fault. Everybody in Santa Barbara feels bad about it,” the source said.

[ Update: Now the family says it definitely won’t happen. ]

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