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Movie Stars in Bathtubs


In my collection I have a book called Movie Stars in Bathtubs, by Jack Scagnetti, from 1975.

It is exactly what is says, a book of photographs of movie stars in bathtubs. This is one of the great ones, mostly because of the caption.

I can see that invitation taking place, with director Frank Tashlin and producer Robert Welch calling up Cecil B. DeMille and saying, “Mr. DeMille, we’d like your assistance on a picture we’re making called Son of Paleface. It’s a fun picture, a comedy-oater with Bob Hope and Roy Rogers.”

DeMille snorts derisively. “What do I have to do with a picture like that? I saw the first one, it wasn’t so hot.”

Then Tashlin casually adds, “well, we’re doing a shot with Jane Russell, a nudie shot in a bathtub. It’s the same tub you used in Unconquered. We thought you might be interested.”

“Hmmm… yes, I think I may be able to render some assistance. Shall I come right over?”

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