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Liza Makes The Rounds

The recent deal between the Home Shopping Network and Liza Minnelli has gone viral, in the form of this YouTube clip, in which Liza trots out her jewelry and clothing lines:

She’s a little bit nutty, that Liza. Maybe in real life she’s not too far away from Lucille2, the character she played in Arrested Development. But the sequin jacket! The velvet pants — so groovy! And the created-from-clay-while-my-knee-was-busted jewelry, classy (in that HSN “classy = gaudy” kind of way).

Don’t miss the straight line from a caller: “Liza’s got a great eye.”

For more on Liza and HSN, you can visit their YouTube channel here.

See the press release here.

Or do yourself a favor and see young Liza in this scene from Cabaret.

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