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Muhammad Ali Lived a Little More Than Mister Rogers, a Little Less Than Mark Twain

Boxer Muhammad Ali (left), against Leon Spinks in 1978.When: 08 Feb 1978.

(Photo supplied by WENN)

Boxing great Muhammad Ali has died at age 74 years and 138 days. A glance at Who2’s People Who Died at Age 74 page shows us that he’s in some pretty good company.  Among the notables he just outlived were Mister Rogers (74 years, 21 days), President Millard Fillmore (74 years, 60 days) and Willy Wonka author Roald Dahl (74 years, 71 days).

died at age 74

Ali’s lifespan just edged out that of super-astronaut Alan Shepard (by 18 days), and was in turn edged out by actress Lana Turner (by a mere 3 days). Farther down the list is another Greatest of All Time, author Mark Twainat 74 years and 223 days. Those two might have had a lot to talk about; Twain, too, could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. But Twain died in 1910, 32 years before the champ was born.

Well, we make do with the lifespan we have. Sorry to see you go, champ!

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