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Naming the GOP Candidates

A new poll about Mitt Romney’s real name made me realize none of the leading Republican candidates for president go by the name they were given at birth.

Today is the first big day in the push to get the party nomination and run against (probably) President Barack Obama in this year’s election. 

The presumed steady, sort-of frontrunner is former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. According to this poll, only 6% guessed correctly when given a slate of names, and 44% guessed “Don’t know.”

Romney goes by Mitt, his middle name.  Just as James Rick Perry goes by Rick Perry in his quest for the GOP nomination. 

Newt is not a nickname. Mr. Gingrich was born Newton.

Rick Santorum? That’s his real last name, but Rick is short for Richard. And then there’s Ron(ald) Paul.

Michele Bachmann was named Michele at birth, but her last name was Amble.

And Mr. Romney? His middle name is Mitt. His first name is Willard.

For more on this year’s presidential race, visit Common Bonds: Presidential Candidates 2012.

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