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New Site: Interview Listings

“…This is a quality which most great actors have, it’s a strange sort of personal unique style that goes into everything they do — like when Albert Finney sits down in a chair and drinks a bottle of beer, and, well, it’s just great and you think ‘God, I wish I could drink a bottle of beer like that.'”

That’s director Stanley Kubrick, being interviewed by Terry Southern in 1962.

The interview comes courtesy of a new website, Interview Listings, which is lining up links to interviews with famous people. (Thanks to site owner MaxBro for tipping us off.)

Interview Listings also turned us on to this rather touching column in which Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Barbara Cloud reminisces about interviewing Charlton Heston. It’s not an interview, per se, but still. And it includes Heston saying politely of Sophia Loren, “She’s a double helping of woman.”

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