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Obama Names Ballet-Dancing, Finger-Missing Chief of Staff

Rahm Emanuel, just named as Barack Obama‘s chief of staff, is the newest member of Who2’s most famous loop:  Celebs Missing Fingers.

It’s a proud group. Emanuel joins Russian hero Boris Yeltsin, actress Daryl Hannah, and outlaw Jesse James, all of whom are missing one full joint or more. (Rahm’s story involves his right middle finger, an Arby’s meat slicer, and a swim in Lake Michigan.)

Here’s the proof:

But wait: Always the overachiever, Mr. Emanuel also turned down a scholarship with the prestigious Joffrey Ballet as a teenager. (No foolin’!) That lands him in a second Who2 loop, Ballet Castaways.

And thank heavens, because otherwise that loop is all actresses.

Good luck at the White House, Mr. Emanuel!

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