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Obituary First Lines: Arthur C. Clarke

The first lines from selected remembrances of Arthur C. Clarke, who died on Wednesday in Sri Lanka:

“Arthur C. Clarke could claim to have inspired, among other things, the development of communications satellites and the space race. Yet he never drove a car.”  -The Age of Melbourne

“Science fiction visionary Arthur C. Clarke, who died on Wednesday at 90, seized the world’s imagination with his best-known book ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and visions of extra-terrestrial civilisations.”  –Agence France-Presse

“Arthur C. Clarke came from an era when science fiction had the power to rewire your brain.”  –The Times of London

“‘He’s a recluse, a nut who lives in a tree in India or someplace.’ So said Stanley Kubrick, according to his biographer Vincent LoBrutto, when the suggestion was made to him that Arthur C. Clarke should be his collaborator on a science-fiction film.”  –The Guardian

“With the death of Sir Arthur C. Clarke we have lost one of the last original visionaries of the Space Age, and one of its most eloquent dreamers.”  –New Scientist

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