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Oh, Dear: Adam Sandler Dressed Like a Girl

Perhaps it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, but Adam Sandler is dressing like a girl for his next movie, Jack and Jill.  Sandler plays both title parts, it seems, as a family man who struggles with a twin sister who comes for vacation and won’t go away. 

The photos are from filming over the last few days in a Los Angeles park. Nice fedora on that crew member.

Pigtails or no, Adam Sandler always triumphs in the end. The most frightening part of the synopsis:

Katie Holmes [will] play Sandler’s wife; Al Pacino is set to play himself.

Here’s hoping there’s no Sandler make-out scene with either one.

Torture yourself with still more photos of Adam Sandler dressed like a girl >>

(Photos: WENN)

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