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Weird: MSNBC has a “pre-pan” of Chris Pine as Captain Kirk… by someone who admittedly hasn’t seen the movie yet.

Only William Shatner can fill Kirk’s boots, that’s the message. We all love Shatner, but… wha–?

Dig this curious gripe:

“My name is James Siberius Kirk.” Those are the first words uttered in the revamped Star Trek trailer by a pre-teen version of the captain-to-be. Of course, fans know there’s a “T” in James T. Kirk and it stands for “Tiberius.” It’s a small mistake in the greater scheme of things, perhaps the result of a misread line or even a pronounced lisp. But you know who wouldn’t have made that mistake? William Shatner.

Begging your pardon, but watch the trailer and tell me the pup playing young Kirk doesn’t say “Tiberius.”

It sounds like “Jamesss Tiberius Kirk” to me.

As if the filmmakers could really ever make that mistake anyway. “Wait, it’s Tiberius with a T? Guess we didn’t double-check before filming and releasing the movie! We didn’t think Trekkies would care.”

So it’s a pan of Chris Pine as Kirk by someone who hasn’t seen him play Kirk, based on a trailer that the author didn’t really pay much attention to. Yeah, MSNBC!

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