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Peaches Geldof Photos: No More the Wild Child?

Peaches Geldof photo in a blue dress and blonde hair, smiling as she pauses by a car doorPhoto of Peaches Geldof by Rocky/

Peaches Geldof’s sad and sudden death has us updating our Peaches Geldof photos, and what we’ve found from the last few months surprised us.

The last time we added photos of Ms. Geldof, they were more like this ad for Ultimo lingerie:

Peaches Geldof lies on a diner table in lingerie with a milkshake

Looking like a wild child, that is, or at least trying to look that way. (Trying and succeeding: Ultimo fired her the next year “following sordid allegations about her private life.”) It looked like she was headed for Amy Winehouse country.

But since then she married and had two kids, and recent photos show a whole different image.

Peaches Geldof photo holding a baby bottle and smilingRocky /

Holding a baby bottle outside of ITV Studios last November…

Photo of Peaches Geldof with arm around her husband, her in a peasant-type dressLexie Appleby / Future Image /

With her husband, Thomas Cohen, in January at the UK premiere of the film The Wolf of Wall Street

Closeup photo of Peaches Geldof in red peasant dressLexie Appleby / Future Image /

A closeup from that same event…

A Diet Coke ad from last year…

Peaches Geldof red carpet photo, with her in heels and a black skirtLia Toby /

At the Brit Awards at London’s O2 Arena in February…

Peaches Geldof on the red carpet, with her arm draped across her husband's

Again with husband Thomas Cohen, at the UK premiere of Hunger Games: Catching Fire last November…

Photo of Peaches Geldof in paisley-print skirt, tossing her blonde hairJames Shaw /

And finally, at the A/W 2014 Fashion Show in London on April 3rd, just four days before her death. Still with an edge, but seemingly a different person. Turns out people change — or maybe just our perceptions of them do.

The cause of her death is still unknown, or at least is not being reported publicly. An autopsy has proved inconclusive; toxicology tests are the next step.


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