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Photo: Manson a Graybeard at 74

Prison officials have released a new photo of killer Charles Manson. It’s part of “periodic updates of inmate images,” says a spokesman.

Still with the swastika.

Manson has been in jail since 1969, when he and his followers went on a killing spree in Los Angeles. He was originally sentenced to death, but California outlawed the death penalty in 1972 and Manson’s sentences was changed to life in prison. His 11 requests for parole have been denied; #12 is due in 2012.

Sharon Tate, his most prominent victim, would be 66 this year.

The LA Times also has the famous, rather frightening, Manson mug shot from 1969.

Small coincidence: Another notorious killer of the era, Sirhan Sirhan, turns 65 today.

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