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Photos From the Library of Congress

Griping about the United States government is an American hobby (or pathology), but every once in a while it’s a good idea to step back and admire the work of those who toil away — yes, at the taxpayers’ expense! — at the unheralded task of preserving our culture, by way of the Library of Congress.

The Library of Congress has always been a terrific source of Americana, and by government decree. It’s also a great place to visit, if you’re ever in Washington, D.C.

But these days you’re more likely to find great things on your desktop, thanks to the LOC being so internet-savvy.

Today’s case in point: the Library of Congress has a Flickr account that has thousands of historical photos, and, for photography fans, hundreds of exceptional photos (especially from the 1930s and ’40s) taken by federally-funded and forever forgotten artists with cameras.

I’ll post a few of them here, a teaser as to what is available.

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