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Werner Herzog Answers Twitter Questions

Along with this trailer for First Look Studio‘s new movie, My Son, My Son, What Have You Done?, director Werner Herzog answers a series of questions posed by Twitter users.

It’s all very nutty, with Herzog gamely playing along, from answering how to have a good wedding to explaining “I don’t know who Chuck Norris is… is he an actor?”

The Chuck Norris question is a reference to the fictional internet rivalry over who is more “bad ass,” Herzog or Norris.

All in all, it’s amusing to see Herzog spinning out responses, and the trailer looks pretty mysterious. The film stars Willem Dafoe and Chloë Sevigny (of Boys Don’t Cry fame), and features Michael Shannon, who was nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in 2008’s Revolutionary Road.

Bonus: the film is produced by David Lynch.

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