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Photos of Rock Stars Before They Were Famous

SFGate has a new slide show of pop music stars before they were famous. Some (like the above) you can probably get right away…

…while others look vaguely familiar. (Hint: it’s a girl.)

Still others don’t look very familiar at all.

Here are our own photos of how these same three look today:

Photo of Bruce Springsteen with guitar and vest onstage in 2012 Photo of Mariah Carey with her hair in golden curls and pearls on her neck Katy Perry photo with a weird bra-with-eyes dress and a cupcake handbag

They are, from the top: Bruce Springsteen, Mariah Carey (early photo at Oldfield Junior High School), and finally Katy Perry (early photo as a Christian pop teen singer known as Katy Hudson.)

Pictures of Rock Stars Before They Were Famous »

{ Hat tip: Mr. Duffy }

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