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To honor the advent of the latest Harry Potter movie — Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire — we’ve profiled a raft of Harry Potter teens.

Besides Daniel Radcliffe as heroic Harry himself, we have old standbys Rupert Grint as redheaded sidekick Ron and Emma Watson (as distaff sidekick Hermione). Then we toss in hunky Robert Pattinson as the equally hunky Cedric Diggory; Katie Leung as Cho Chang, of Harry’s-first-crush fame; Stanislav Ianevski as the mysterious Easterner Viktor Krum; and Clémence Poésy as rival Fleur Delacour.

And for a lagniappe, we offer all-grown-up Ralph Fiennes as the inexpressibly and not-too-subtly evil Lord Voldemort.

We would like to make a personal appeal to J.K. Rowling to choose a few Kim Lees or Bob Smiths for the next film. All these Ianevskis and Poésys are costing us overtime on proofreaders.

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