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Punxsutawney Phil 2016: Hipster Groundhog Predicts an Early Spring

An early spring is on the way, Punxsutawney Phil tweeted this morning. He didn’t see his shadow, which naturally means a short winter. Because Phil is a magical being who predicts the weather by shadows and has flourished since 1887 by drinking an elixir called “groundhog punch” that adds seven years to his lifespan with every sip.

And who now rides a hoverboard, according to his official 2016 proclamation:

The inner circle goes to great ends
To keep me abreast of latest trends
Down in my burrow I never get bored
Riding on my hover board
And I sure have fun flying my drone
But weather forecasting is my comfort zone
Is this current warm weather more than a trend?
Per chance this winter has come to an end?
There is no shadow to be cast,
An early Spring is my forecast!

Phil likes to claim he’s all business, but we know he hasn’t been keeping to his burrow. Photographers caught him last year at LAX on his way to Coachella.

Rapper, Souljah Boy departs on a flight from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) riding on a hoverboard.Featuring: Souljah Boy. Where: Los Angeles, California, United States. When: 25 Nov 2015.

At least he left the darn drone at home that trip.

Well, whatever it takes to get you to predict sunshine, you magical immortal hoverboarding groundhog. Thanks for the early spring!

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