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Rick Perry to Brits: “We Don’t Need Your Limey Climate Science”

Photo of Rick Perry, sitting in an armchair with legs crossed to reveal cowboy boots with Texas outlined in red, white and blue

Texas Governor Rick Perry seems irritated that the British government spent £13,673 of its own money to educate Texas politicians about climate change science.

The money was used to fly two Texan state politicians, including the climate sceptic Republican Troy Fraser, to the UK to receive a briefing with climate scientists and government officials. A conference was also held at the Texas Capitol in Austin in which a video of Prince Charles personally addressing Texan politicians on the subject of climate change was shown.

Perry’s response? Per his spokeswoman:

“In Texas, we base our policy decisions on sound science and what is ultimately best for our citizens. Man-made global warming remains but a theory and one where thousands of scientists remain sceptical. It would be irresponsible to put our entire economy at risk based on unproven science… It would seem those UK tax dollars were misdirected.”

Heh. “Sound science,” yes. Perry also believes that scientists lie about climate change to “keep the money rolling in.” 

Photo of Prince Charles looking at boxes of brown eggs at a sustainable farming festival

Somehow it’s no surprise that genteel Prince Charles couldn’t carry the day with the Texas GOP. “Tell him to come back when he’s got cowboy boots with the Union Jack stitched on them!”

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