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Roman Polanski Wants 1977 Sex Case Dismissed

Thirty years after he became a fugitive to avoid a prison sentence for having sex with a teenager, Academy Award-winning director Roman Polanski asked a judge Tuesday to dismiss the case.

…Lawyers for Polanski alleged “repeated, unlawful and unethical misconduct” by a prosecutor and the trial judge and requested that the charge which prompted him to flee the country be dropped “in the interests of justice.”

As reported by the The LA Times. Of course, a former prosecutor on the case has a different view:

“It’s a guy that raped a 13-year-old girl and wants to get no prison time. If that’s the case, [Polanski] should be in state prison for life.”

The victim, remarkably, said in 2003 that she wanted the whole case ended.

My attitude surprises many people. That’s because they didn’t go through it all; they don’t know everything that I know. People don’t understand that the judge went back on his word. They don’t know how unfairly we were all treated by the press. Talk about feeling violated! The media made that year a living hell, and I’ve been trying to put it behind me ever since.

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