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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2008

It’s the second-biggest traffic-driver of the year on Who2: The annual Victoria’s Secret TV extravaganza.

(The biggest traffic-driver is Black History Month, which — thank heavens — at least salvages our reputation as a thoughtful site.)

This year the Victoria’s Secret show airs on December 3rd on CBS. For those tuning in and wondering “who is that?,” here’s the lineup of the models in this year’s blizzard of bras:

Our loop on The Models of Victoria’s Secret is, we believe, the web’s longest-running list of VS stars. It lists 46 models past and present, from classics like Stephanie Seymour and Jill Goodacre to the skinny catwalk conquistadors of today.

A familiar name missing from this year’s TV show: Gisele Bündchen. Maybe it has something to do with this Forbes article from April, which ranks her as the world’s best-paid supermodel with an annual take of $35 million.

Bündchen has a huge lead on the competition. The next four on the Forbes list: Heidi Klum ($14 million), Kate Moss ($7.5 million), Adriana Lima ($7 million) and Doutzen Kroes ($6 million, plus the award for the best outlandish model name ever).

Bündchen’s salary tops the next four models combined. All that and Tom Brady too.

Sounds like she can skip the show this year.

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