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Santa Claus Photos with Pandas, Rhinos and Hogs

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Who2. To celebrate the season, we present to you a gallery of photos of Santa Claus with animals, animals dressed as Santa Claus, and other offbeat moments with the jolly old elf.

Photo of Santa Claus

Yes, it’s “Panda Claus.” Zookeepers in Jinan, China serve up a feast of fruit, bamboo, and corn bread (?) in to Mo-Mo the panda.

Santa Claus poses with an unhappy-looking cat

Santa meets Grumpy Cat at the Hollywood Christmas Parade of 2015. Whatever they do to keep that cat frowning, it really works.

Photo of Santa Claus

Jolly old St. Nicholas visited Mshindi, a male black rhinoceros at the Denver Zoo, a few Christmases back. (Sadly, Mshindi passed away just a few months ago. We’ll miss you, pal!)

Mr. Ed with Santa hat on, behind a sleigh with his co-stars

Blast from the past! Remember Mister Ed, the allegedly talking horse? Here he is in 1961 with co-stars Connie Hines and Alan Young. We’ll go out on a limb and call this the least convincing phony beard ever — even less convincing than the zookeeper beards of Jinan, China.

Photo of Santa Claus napping by a fire with a teddy bear in hand

Santa with a stuffed teddy bear! A few years back the web service PhotoBox surveyed children, who said they thought Santa spent January napping with his teddy bear to rest up from his Christmas Eve efforts.

Ariana Grande and Santa Claus light up the Empire State Building. The teen star lit up the Empire State Building in fall colors to celebrate this years Thanksgiving Day..Featuring: Ariana Grande. Where: New York City, New York, United States. When: 25 Nov 2013.

Here’s Santa with donut-licking animal Ariana Grande at Christmas last year. “My behavior was very offensive and I apologized,” she said after Donutgate this year, a sentiment Santa surely appreciated.

Hundreds of riders dressed as Santa Claus join a motorcycle charity event in Turin ahead of Christmas.Featuring: Atmosphere. Where: Turin, Italy. When: 14 Dec 2014.

Here’s Santa on a hog (well, a “hog”) on the annual Santa ride for charity in Turin, Italy. The event is called “Un Babbo Natale in Moto,” naturally, and this year attracted 15,000 Santas.

A man dressed like Santa Claus jumps over the 52 meters altitude Asparuhov bridge in the town of Asparuhovo north-east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Every year in December hundreds of bungee jumpers dressed like Santa Claus jumps from the bridge and makes it one of most popular attractions during the Christmas holidays in the town..Featuring: Bulgaria Santa Claus Bungee Jump. Where: Asparuhovo, Bulgaria. When: 15 Dec 2013.

Santa bungee jumping? Santa bungee jumping. It happens every year in Asparuhovo, Bulgaria.

Happy holidays from Who2!

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