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It’s KriSS Kringle, not Kris Kringle

Here you thought it was Kris Kringle. Not so! The Associated Press has released its 2020 Holiday Style Guide, with spelling and usage notes on everything from Auld Lang Syne …..

Santa Claus poses with an unhappy-looking cat

Santa Claus Photos with Pandas, Rhinos and Hogs

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Who2. To celebrate the season, we present to you a gallery of photos of Santa Claus with animals, animals dressed as Santa Claus, …..

The Santas of Somerville

A quick tour of one town’s impressions of Santa Claus.

Happy Holidays from Who2!

Merry Christmas, and thanks for reading and supporting Who2 in 2011.  

Donald Sutherland Still Looks Supercool

Donald Sutherland poses on Hollywood Boulevard after receiving his star on the Walk of Fame.  Not many can pull off the pinstriped-suit-with-Santa-Claus-beard look.

Santa Claus Makes Richie Rich Sweat

How many ads, promotions and odd themes can you work into one Santa Claus photo?Here we have jolly old St. Nick posing with Richie Rich, the club kid-turned-fashion maven. 

5 Celebrity Christmas Songs I Never Want to Hear Again (But Undoubtedly Will)

And now for a little touch of Scrooge. Here are five celebrity Christmas songs I wish would just go away.Merry Christmas (War is Over) by John LennonIt starts out strong enough (“And so this is Christmas…”) but has there ever been a dopier lyric than “Let’s make it a good one / Without any fear”? God bless John Lennon and all, but this is not his strongest effort. Toss in the piercing kiddie backup voices, and this gets my vote for the most irritating holiday song ever.

The Screenwriter Who Saved Christmas — Again and Again

Dig the filmography of Romeo Muller, the guy who wrote the now-classic holiday TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.From The Reluctant Dragon and Mr. Toad Show through Strawberry Shortcake in the Big Apple City and on to Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody… watta career!