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Sarah Palin Quits… Vacation

Last night former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin announced she was quitting again, only this time she’s giving up her Hawaiian vacation, not an elected office.

Sarah Palin was John McCain choice as his vice president in last year’s presidential election. They were whupped by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Palin returned to her job as Alaska’s governor, but then resigned the post in July of this year. She’s currently on tour to promote a book.

This week Palin and her family were in Hawaii, and she was spotted — and photographed — wearing a John McCain presidential campaign hat. But the part that said “John McCain” was blacked out with marker. Reporters suggested with a nudge and a wink that it was some kind of snarky commentary on Palin’s part, a reflection of how little she thought of her former running mate.

And that kind of talk ruined Sarah Palin’s vacation, so she quit. And she explained why she blacked out John McCain’s name on her hat: she had wanted to go incognito, “so photographers would be less likely to recognize me and bother my kids or other vacationers.” This is a clear sign that Hawaii needs more affordable hats in a greater variety of styles.

Now that she’s no longer on vacation, Palin will presumably return to promoting her new book, Going Rogue, by touring the country so that photographers will be likely to recognize her.

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