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Segway CEO Dies in Segway Cliff Plunge

A sad story, and not exactly the best PR: Jimi Heselden, CEO of the Segway corporation, has died after plunging over a cliff on his Segway.

It is thought he lost control of one of the all-terrain versions of the machine as he travelled along a rutted bridleway close to his estate near Boston Spa, West Yorks, on Sunday morning... After dropping from the bridleway, he is understood to have fallen 80ft over the overgrown cliff.

Mr. Heselden bought the Segway company last year; the two-wheeled runabout was invented by Dean Kamen and introduced to the world in 2001.

We’re sorry about Mr. Heselden, who by all accounts was a self-made man and a good egg. Here’s hoping the Segway plunge doesn’t become the 21st-century equivalent of the bus plunge.

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