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Sunny von Bülow Dies After 28 Years in a Coma

In her long, silent years at the Milstein Building at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital, and then at a nursing home on the Upper East Side, doctors said Mrs. von Bülow never showed any signs of brain activity; she was fed through a tube in her stomach. Yet there were always fresh flowers in her room, and photographs of her children and grandchildren sat on a bedside table.

Good heavens: Sunny von Bülow has died in Manhattan at age 76.

We didn’t realize she was still alive. She had been in a coma since December 1980, when she was 48.

Her husband, Claus von Bülow, was accused of having twice tried to kill her with insulin injections. He was tried and convicted in 1982, then the conviction was thrown out on appeal, then he was re-tried and acquitted in 1985.

The Crime Library has a full recap of the case. Von Bülow now lives in London, says the NY Times.

Glenn Close played Ms. von Bülow in the creepy 1990 movie, Reversal of Fortune, which starred Jeremy Irons as Claus.

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