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Archduke Ferdinand, Animal Killer

 Spiegel Online reports on a newly-published diary by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the man whose assassination sparked World War I.  He killed a lot of animals. A lot of animals.

Jane Goodall Interviewed

 Jane Goodall is on tour.  She’s in my town right now, across the river, being interviewed on the radio program Think Out Loud, from Oregon Public Broadcasting. What makes a 77 year-old want to go on tour?

Koko the Gorilla is 40 Today

Koko the Gorilla, the ape who learned sign language, turns 40 today. Happy birthday to her!Koko was born in 1971 at the San Francisco Zoo. That’s where she was found by a Stanford graduate student, Penny Patterson, who has made gorilla sign language her life’s work.

Woody Allen Boxes a Kangaroo

From the British television show Hippodrome, here’s former comedian Woody Allen, horsing around with a boxing kangaroo in 1966: