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Naomi Osaka in a sweater, looking actually kind of stern at the camera

Naomi Osaka Biography – New!

She beat Serena Williams, she won the Australian Open, she’s on the cover of Time… and now Naomi Osaka has her own Who2 biography. Congratulations to her on all fronts. …..

Roger Federer smiles, sitting on a (tasteful) wood locker room bench, hugging a big silver cup on a pedestal

Is Roger Federer the Most Graceful Athlete of Our Time?

  He’s not letting go ????@rogerfederer #AusOpen — #AusOpen (@AustralianOpen) January 28, 2018   Could Roger Federer be the most graceful and gracious athlete of our time? Of all time? …..

How Fit is Rafael Nadal?

Fit enough to play a 5-hour, 14-minute match on Friday night, then a 4-hour, 23-minute match on Sunday night. Fit enough to do it in Australian summer heat. Fit enough to beat Roger Federer (again) and win the Australian Open for the first time.