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Six Photos From Beyoncé’s Tumblr

Yay! Beyoncé’s on the internet! Here are six great photos of B. from her very own Tumblr (and one more, just because it’s cool).

Beyoncé at the Block Party

The story goes that Beyoncé “crashed” this block party in West Orange, New Jersey.It was near the home of Jay-Z’s mom. That’s Beyoncé’s mother-in-law.Everybody in the crowd seems to know the dance moves here, but Beyoncé seems to have a certain something:

Which ‘Sex and the City 2’ Slam is the Nastiest?

Sex and the City 2 may be a train wreck, but at least the reviews are good for a chuckle.New York:The film is an epic eyesore. It’s as if they set out to make a movie that said, “You’re right! We are hideous!”Boston Herald: