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Photo of Robert Conrad

Robert Conrad Has Died at the Agreed-Upon Age of 84

Actor Robert Conrad has died of heart failure. He was a fist-fighting TV star in his day, in the 1960s hit The Wild Wild West¬†(which spent decades in reruns) and …..

Sorry, Ms. Flack

According to her alma mater, Howard University in Washington, D.C., singer Roberta Flack was born in 1940, not 1939. Several sources give her birth year as 1939 — and that’s what we had. Sorry for making you out to be older than you really are, Roberta.

Which Came First: The Darwin or the Abe?

“As Aquarians, they should both be stubborn, visionary, tolerant, free-spirited, rebellious, genial but remote and detached — hmmm, so far, so good.”It’s true: Scientist Charles Darwin and President Abraham Lincoln were born on the exact same day: 12 February 1809.

Telly Savalas Was Born in 1922, Not 1924

We had 1924 as the birth year for Telly Savalas, but our friends at asked us to double-check the date.We did, by writing to CMG Worldwide, the management company that runs the official Telly Savalas website and manages his image for his estate. Their reply:Hello, thank you for your inquiry on Telly Savalas. I have confirmed his birthdate was Jan. 21, 1922. Thank you for you time and concern. Regards,Matt Graves

Steven Spielberg, That Sly Dog, Was Born in 1946

Our friends at asked us to take a closer look at the birth year of director Steven Spielberg. Who2 says 1946, but many sources online say 1947. Spielberg himself often led people to believe he was born in 1947. (Even the great Roger Ebert wrote a 50th birthday tribute to the director in 1997.) So which year is correct?

Saint Patrick +1623

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.Nothing about Patrick’s life is particularly clear, but he seems to have been born a mere 1623 years ago, in 385. (Not on March 17th, though, as far as we know.) That would have made Patrick a contemporary of St. Augustine of Hippo and of Theodosius the Great, the last emperor of the unified Roman Empire.

How Old is Fidel Castro Really?

Fidel Castro, like America’s own founding father Alexander Hamilton, has always been coy about his age.The official line from the Cuban government is clear: Castro was born on 13 August 1926.