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Muhammad Ali, young and fit with rippling muscles, leans forward to touch his toes on a leather training table (or chair?) of some kind

Muhammad Ali Dead at 74: Photos

Muhammad Ali is dead. The three-time heavyweight champion and icon of boxing died on Friday in an Arizona hospital, where he had been¬†admitted a day earlier with a “respiratory issue.” …..

How Tall is Jacki Weaver?

Jacki Weaver is 4’9″ tall.  We just did the research.The Australian actress and Oscar nominee is clearly a bit on the short side. In the gangster film Animal Kingdom she plays a crime boss so tiny she’s nicknamed “Smurf.”

Gary Coleman Dies

Hours after the news that actor Gary Coleman had been put on life support, comes the news that he was taken off life support today and is dead at the age of 42.
You can read the account at Radar Online.

Gary Coleman is Unconscious

Diminutive TV star Gary Coleman has slipped into a coma and has been put on life support in a Utah hospital, according to this story from E! Online.
Coleman slipped in his home and hit his head the other day, and yesterday he took a bad turn, slipping into unconsciousness.

Gary Coleman on The Insider

Frozen-in-time actor Gary Coleman was on the tabloid TV show The Insider, trying to talk about his recent run-in with the law over a domestic dispute. He ended up storming off the set, after telling panelist Lisa Bloom “you’re pushing my buttons.” Indeed, she was pushing his buttons, and he ended up turning in one of the most dramatic performances of his career: See the video right here.