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Steven Spielberg, That Sly Dog, Was Born in 1946

Our friends at asked us to take a closer look at the birth year of director Steven Spielberg. Who2 says 1946, but many sources online say 1947. Spielberg himself often led people to believe he was born in 1947. (Even the great Roger Ebert wrote a 50th birthday tribute to the director in 1997.) So which year is correct?

Did George Burns Live to Be 100?

A reader writes:George Burns: did he make it to 100? I can’t believe his name is not listed. Thanks.Too true: Surprising that we don’t have Burns and Gracie Allen both. We’ve added them to our to-do list for the coming year.Yes, George Burns was exactly 100 when he died in 1996. He just barely made it: He was born on January 20th of 1896, and died on March 9th in 1996. So he got there with 49 days to spare. (1996 was a leap year.)